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Does anyone even read this

2010-11-04 12:45:29 by AlexRoyale

i mean seriously, anyone?


2009-12-23 23:19:38 by AlexRoyale

Half Beard



I'm looking for an animator to work on a multi-flash series

2009-12-09 16:17:31 by AlexRoyale

I have an idea for a series of flashes from stories I write and I need an animator since I suck at animating. The flashes will be based of stories of funny shit that happens around school, and i want a good animator to do this, no stick figures, doesn't have to be like JohnnyUtah good, but has to resemble a human pretty well. I have the first episode written but i need an animator for it. The first episode is about four of my friends and I talking, two who are homosexual, and we made up a church of homosexuality, prayers, and other stupid high school jokes. If you want to try to do this it will have a good amount of episodes and will be really funny, if you don't think its funny then quit just at least see the script. So PM me or comment or something and I'll be in contact with you.

Why can Alien and Predator learn that an humans can't?

Violence is not always the answer...


2009-11-23 21:51:08 by AlexRoyale

One word.


That is my first statement for NG.